Christmas Tree Transportation

Wholesale Christmas Tree Transportation

Wholesale Christmas tree transportationDuring harvest, Holiday Tree Farms operates 12 processing yards and employs over 600 people in order to ship over 1 million Wholesale Christmas trees worldwide each year. Our experienced transportation staff works hard to ensure your product arrives fresh and on time.

We have one of the most advanced Christmas tree harvesting and distribution operations in the world and, for you, that translates to reliability and peace of mind with regard to having a premium product when you need it.

Holiday ships utilizing Ocean, Over the Road, and Rail. All of our carriers are carefully screened to ensure reliability and safety. We routinely deliver shipments of mixed products to sequential locations, reducing the burden of inventory management for our customers. Similarly, Holiday maintains service centers in suburban locations to increase the sales efficiency of our customers.

Holiday's Christmas Tree Logistics

  • All trees are graded, sorted and tagged by species and size
  • Shakers are used to remove excess needles
  • Each tree is single wrap twine baled
  • Palletizing service is available for certain volume buyers
  • Refrigerated trailers for certain warm climate shipments
  • Online monitoring of shipments
  • GPS tracking

Our Transportation department is available year round to assist you.