Wholesale Christmas Tree Harvest

Christmas Tree Harvest in Oregon

During harvest, visiting any one of our processing yards is an exciting experience with the busy crews receiving loads of fresh cut Christmas trees from helicopters and transfer trucks, watching the shakers rid the trees of loose needles, the balers, sending the freshly shaken trees to get mechanically wrapped with baling twine to hold the tree gently together in a way that will keep the shape pristine and protected during shipping.

While we are in harvest season, our operations are running 24/7. Each tree is tagged for size and quality, then specifically cut to allow the tree enough room to fit in any sized tree stand. All trees are then slung and picked up by one of at least 7 helicopters in operation, then released at a processing yard or inside a transfer truck. Trees are then shaken, baled and loaded into one of the 1,500 trucks that will be carrying loads to be distributed across the United States. Many of the trucks have state-of-the-art refrigeration to ensure the freshest quality to warmer climates.